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We have a wide range of printing methods to fit your teams needs and budgets.  From small scale digital printing to high tech sublimation printing and classic embroidery.   We also have a massive catalogue of products from everyday cotton t-shirts, to dri-fit moisture wicking warm up tops and playing kits.


Sublimated Printing

The newest technology of printing uses a combination of high pressure and heat that allows the dyes to permeate each individual thread and locks it there forever.  This means you can literally print anything: infinite designs and colours at a set cost.  And no issues or worries with washing.

Best for logos with a large range of colours, moisture wicking playing kits, and fully customised designs.  



Screen printing is a more traditional method, where a transfer can be added on top of the material of the garment using a heat transfer. Due to the limitations of the method, garments are tactile to the touch and can become sticky with sweat so are best for casual wear and warm up tops.

These are great for bright bold colours, at a more affordable price bracket.  We can also print in metallic gold or silver, glittered prints, or fluorescent colours.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 12.46.42.png


A printing classic to personalise shirts and gives the garment an air of added history or importance.  Great for crests and logos with a limited range of colours, generally used on smaller sizes on the upper chest or on accessories like hats and caps.  

Not recommended for playing kit.

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